Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines Day

♥ Happy Valentines Day!! 

This week has been all about celebrations hasn't it? We started with Chinese New Year last weekend, Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday (pancakes!!!!) and now this weekend is Valentines day. I don't have a Valentine, but my girlfriends and I do a kind of Secret Santa thing, Valentines style. I got such a cute card this year, look how dapper that sloth is with his dickie bow!

We have a bunch of lovely red roses on the table, and a silver pine cone that appeared from somewhere to add a splash of sparkle.

I have felt inspired to create Valentine-esque things this week using us some more odds and ends of wool. I made lots and lots of hearts in two different sizes. The larger size was crocheted together on a string of chain stitches to make a sweet little garland.

And the smaller hearts (along with a handful of larger ones to add more interest) were stitched onto my wicker wreath. You might recognise the wreath base from my handmade Christmas wreath last year. Once all of the foliage had died down I cut all of the decorations off as it was too good to just throw away. It works perfectly with the soft wooliness of the crocheted hearts.

I played around with the placement of the hearts first to check I had enough. (Sorry about the photo quality, the wreath was made quite late at night and I was using my phone camera as it was less blurred than my big one.)

And finally all of my hearts where stitched on! There are 43 in total for the wreath, and 23 for the bunting.

Now they are things we can keep for next year!!

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