Monday, 29 February 2016

Log Cabin Ta-Daah

Would you look at this cat!! It is always handy to have multi-purpose items in your house, and baskets are well known for their versatility. This particular basket can house wool on one side and a cat on the other, ingenious!!

He got himself snuggled on this perch by climbing through the basket, under the handle, from the other side, then kicking out as many balls of wool as needed to make a hole and wiggling to secure his bottom. Purrrr-fect.

And a little wool ball to rest his weary head on!! Really, we humans think of everything.

Luckily I managed to keep him off of my log cabin blanket, which is now finished!!!! Huzzah!! It looks so amazing in the sunshine, quite literally glowing with colour.

My edging was a simple three rows of double crochet and two rows of the spotted edging as designed by Attic24. Just enough to secure the squares and finish the look but not enough to shout, 'I'm a border!'

Ahh, I just can't stop staring at it, it's like gazing into the heart of a rainbow.

Even when the sun goes in and gloom threatens, the blanket doesn't give two hoots- it is warm and beautiful and doesn't need the sunshine to make happy thoughts. This is snuggle-tastic!!

Heart singy happiness.

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  1. One day I'm gonna order a blanket like this from you!! Must be very warm! Of course only If you do commissions at all. :D