Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Display Crochet

I've finished another display garment for work. This time a Stylecraft pattern, number 9294 in the beautiful Batik DK Storm (1913). I really liked working with this yarn, it was soft and pliable and was a beautiful colour. It's a blended yarn, 20% wool and 80% acrylic and you can feel the difference from a 100% acrylic yarn (although in my humble opinion, Stylecraft do the nicest 100% acrylic yarn in Special DK).

I'm not really a jumper person but the decorative pattern is very pretty. It was nice to work up, although I will admit that I frogged and re-hooked the sleeves several times. There was just something about the sleeve part of the pattern that I couldn't get my head around. I think I got there in the end and it was a relief to be stitching the pieces together.

The photos aren't fantastic but if this pattern speaks to you then I've photographed the details you will need below so you can track it down. There is also a version without the sleeves if you would rather, haha.

After finishing the above jumper I kind of threw it stroppily at the lady who runs the yarn department and said I was never doing a garment again. In return she just kind of stared at me and sheepishly handed me another parcel with the below pattern and yarn with a desperate kind of plea. So I guess it starts again!

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