Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Etsy Shopping

Hello all! Just popping in to let you know about my Etsy shop (again). I've been working on adding a few more prints every week to keep things interesting, and I am hugely pleased to say that each print that is listed is available in not one, but two sizes! The larger size has an image of approximately 8 inches, mounted and backed with an outer size of 12 inches. The smaller size has an image of approximately 6 inches, also mounted and backed, with an outer size of 8 inches.
I'm rather chuffed with my little online shop and I hope you will like it too. You can find my shop here or by clicking on the little Etsy symbol on the right hand side of the page. I hope you will have a look at what's on offer there, and perhaps favourite the shop so you can easily find it again. I have rather self-importantly titled it 'The Home of Stitchscapes' which sounds rather grand and proper.

I have been working on my sunset minis, and treated myself to some beautiful warm DMC threads with the credit earned through my making the Erika Knight baby cardi. I've nearly finished them and now that I have completed all of my display crochet jobs I can start working on the stitchscapes in my lunch break too which should speed things up nicely.

Aren't they beautiful? I love new threads, especially DMC ones. There is nothing nicer than spinning those thread stands round to see all the new colours and selecting the best and brightest, the nicest wrapped one with all it's labels on it. There is a particular joy to wrapping them around their own thread card and making rainbows out of the colours.

It has been an especially inspirational time for sunset themed minis actually, what with all these glorious sunrises every morning. I realise it's a different time of day but there is similar colouring to the sun, even if the sky itself is a different colour. In the morning it is fresher and there is more mist diffusing the light. In the evening the colours are stronger like they have been refined down during the day and only the purest colours are left.

So yes, please check out my shop! Perhaps you know someone who might be interested in their very own stitchscape?

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  1. Hi Beth, love all your little fabric landscapes they are really fabulous. Hope all is OK with you.