Friday, 8 July 2011

Hats Galore!!

When I left 6th form last year, I also had to leave some very precious creations behind---my textile hats!! Only now have I got some of them back, but unfortunately about half of them have been stolen or lost during the year :( Still, I thought you might like to see some photos of them:
Here are the ones which I have received back...

 My veiled peacock feather hat with a sinamay base and green silk roses. Also my V & A hat, called so because I (surprisingly) made it at the V & A museum during a school trip at a hat workshop they were running alongside the Stephen Jones hat exhibition. It was a really great day out and we got to work alongside a professional milliner which was fab! It's made out of pink silk, netting and a variety of feathers.

My sinamay lily hat. Made predominantly out of sinamay with a padded faux silk base, crinoline veil, peacock feathers and pre-manufactured beaded bits.

Unfortunately, these are the ones I haven't had back...

My bubble wrap hat (although to be honest, I wasn't really bothered about getting this one back!) which is made from sandwiched images in bubble wrap. It is sort of a costume type piece with the embroidered flowers and almost elf-like appearance.

My two knitted hats made using circular knitting needles. The one on the right was made first and was a complete mistake turned fabulous idea! I was aiming to make the one on the left but didn't realise that the knitting was twisted when I joined it up at the other end of the circle so it had a permanent twist in. It does make a lovely snood however so I changed it into a design idea instead. The left hat was also made using circular knitting needles (this time I made sure it wasn't twisted when joining up the circle!!), knitting a sleeve shape which was gathered at one end to form a top knot affair. 

Finally, my silk cocoon hat. Inspired by a mixture of the V & A hat and some techniques I had just learnt taking silk cocoons (hence the name) and turning them into gorgeous flowers. Incidentally, all I got back from this hat was one of the flowers....

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