Saturday, 14 January 2012

Inspirational Moodboards

So, our latest task has been to collect as many images as we can that relate to our themes and to make moodboards from them (which we will draw from and gather inspiration from later). According to my tutor, my first moodboard wasn't very inspirational, although it had interesting ideas for colour.

 I have developed my idea from peacocks to feathers and then to different kinds of birds, looking at the colour of the feathers and how they are layered. Although for a print project, I think I will need to concentrate more on the shape of the bird as a motif- a few peacock feathers might creep in there though!

So bearing in mind what my tutor said , I came up with this moodboard, which doesn't have the vivid colours, but does have textures and artist referencing and some photos of complete birds.
(Personally I still prefer my first board, but doing two in one session looks good anyway!!)

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