Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bugs Life

(First written beginning of September)

Hullo!!! I have been spending most of the week at the kitchen table watching Diagnosis Murder and drawing bugs for my university summer project.
My brother has been collecting bugs with a magazine for quite some time and has built up an impressive collection- handy when I'm doing a project on bugs!


Creepy huh? Some of them are quite pretty though, like the flower mantis (drawn above and below)

I have been trying out different techniques (although enjoy working mainly with black fine line pen), so here are my drawings so far!




The bottom image shows my drawing of a lantern bug. The drawings are actually all the same size although they don't look it in the photo. I have taken out all the pattern so they are just simple line drawings. However, I have put the different patterns into nice little boxes to compare them...

...I even found a paper that fitted in with the patterns and the colour scheme. The text is copied from the collection as well, although I'm not sure if I should use it in final designs or not yet.

I have been playing around with designs on the computer as well- its fabulous being able to use Photoshop!!

Still, there's quite a lot to do yet!! I have to start transferring some ideas onto fabric and get some techniques in I think. But I am pleased with it so far- bizarrely, I even enjoyed drawing the bugs!!

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