Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Catch Up!!

Hullo!!! I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to be gone for so long or so randomly, it just got very hectic after my last post, with packing for university and getting drawings into my sketchbook. Then, before I knew it, I was in Leicester!! With no Internet... So I apologise and hope you'll forgive me. (The above photo is what I discovered when repacking my bags from last year, I had stored some bits at my Grandmother's house and mice had nibbled into my cute little pot of piri piri flavouring!!!)
Anyway, I'm sure you are all dying to know what my new room looks like!! I spent hours and hours decorating it; bought two new bookcases (broke four screwdrivers...oh don't ask!), pinned lots of pictures and fabrics on the walls, hung up bunting, bought a gorgeous new rug and spent a while faffing around draping blankets artistically over my (double!!) bed.

So what do you think? It has a very handmade and personal feel to it which I really love- when my friends come to visit they wrap themselves up in my blankets and make themselves little nests with the cushions which always puts a smile on my face!! We sometimes even have to get the blankets down off the top of the wardrobe too!!
Speaking of blankets, I have just finished a new addition to my collection! You may remember that I started this project waaaaay back in July, when I bought a crochet book with my birthday money and was inspired!! I chose four different square patterns and made twelve of each, learning all sorts of new techniques and ways to bring texture to my blankets. Finally, at the beginning of this week I began to put them all together, I finished the edging yesterday, and.....voila!!!!

I had an inspired moment whilst doing the edge, put bobbles in the corners!!! I think it really ties the edge in with the rest of the blanket and adds some much needed texture to the outer section. I only have one quibble, and that is that because the different square patterns are not all the same size, I've had to squish and stretch in some areas which means the blanket doesn't lie flat. However, I have been assured by various people that this doesn't matter and adds to the general patchwork feel so I am happy with that!! So then, some details for you all:
Four different patterns of square, times 12 each, makes 48 squares. They are organised in a diagonal pattern across the blanket, and attached at the front with double crochet to make a ridge. Each 'line' of crochet is attached vertically, and then the individual squares in the line are attached horizontally- if that makes sense (you may have to zoom in on the photo to get a closer look).
The edge is made up of a random series of double and treble stitches, with 6 bobbles in each corner.
I started it in the end of July, so it has only taken me about two months to complete- possibly the quickest time ever!

Last university year, myself and housemate Lucy bought a 'grow your own herbs' kit from Wilkos, although we never actually got round to planting them until last week. Look how fast they have grown!!

We have basil, chives, coriander and parsley!!


Although these little plantlets are late bloomers!!

Before I left for university I was half way through a post about my sketchbook, so I will post that up after this one!! But for now, I think that is all!!! Ta Ta for now!! =D

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