Friday, 7 February 2014

Frosty Trees

Evening! I have been stitch, stitch, stitching. Both university work and ATC related work. What do you think of my Winter Scene stitched postcard?

I have also been bake, bake, baking! Cookies (whoops, some have been pinched already!!), and cheerio chocolate nests. The cheerios are possibly an unusual choice but I discovered them in the back of my cupboard- slightly stale- and no longer fancy them for breakfast.

I finished my third stitched piece this afternoon. this one is slightly different in that it is entirely made of couched ribbons/cord!

(Apart from the beading that is.)

The back is really interesting! I might scan it in and do something with the image....hmm, the possibilities.

I have had some interesting post as well, returns from the Black and White ATC swap. Unfortunately we ended up getting one of our own cards back as not enough people joined in with the swap. (We are in dire need of members else the group may close and that would be a shame, so if you feel you can spare an afternoon a month to create beautiful little cards then do please join us!! MixedMediaGroup_UK) I don't often get to keep my own cards though as I only make as many as I need and then send them all away to their new homes, so in a way it is quite nice.

 (By Annie)

(By Wendy)

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