Monday, 10 March 2014

Anchors Away

Tulips!!! Ah, it's like Spring in a teapot. The daffodils were looking a bit lonely in there this morning as I had to throw a wilting bunch away yesterday, so I topped it up with these gorgeous white and purple tulips- mixing up the colour hit!

My nimble fingers were stitching away yesterday, and I joined together the postcard square with another piece, then worked more rows of running stitch. It's quite therapeutic just doing lots and lots of running stitches and the texture is really nice with the built up rows.

Ooo but this one was a challenge. Trying to keep the blanket stitches even and relatively symmetrical took a lot of tongue sticking out concentration but I think any irregularities are sort of hidden away, and I am really pleased with the overall effect. The shape of the anchor was bondawebbed on originally, which makes it much easier to stitch around.

More running stitches! Wahoo!

Not including the anchor square (as it hadn't been started when this photo was taken), there are so many patches now!! It is getting very exciting. I am not going to stitch any of the squares together (well, unless it is expressly needed) to see if I can change a few around at the end, making my quilt more unique.

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