Thursday, 27 March 2014

Grey To Orange

I don't like to start my blog posts with a gloomy grey photo (but I find living in England it is often hard not too. The light is so regularly dull and difficult for photo taking!), however, this time around it is for a good reason. Don't look now but the end of this post is full of a visual POW! We have been having some pretty radical weather lately, lots of March madness happening in the sky, including an incredible hail storm- the stones were huge!!

The trees don't seem to mind though and the blossom is exploding from the branches!! It is so pretty to see all the flower laden twigs, especially when the sun shines.

This week started with my having to do a mock interview for a potential job. I had to make my portfolio look pretty and varied and be sure to smile a lot. I think it went quite well even though it was incredibly nerve-wracking (such a wuss). The tutors were marking my 'performance' and I will get the feedback next week- fingers crossed! I treated myself to a gingerbread man for a (hopeful) job well done.

Oooh, now we come to the colourful POW(!) section! Are you ready?

Wendy sent me the most amazing flowerbed postcard!! It looks like it has all been needle felted and then embellished with stitch. the colours are incredible and I love it very much! I look forwards to getting artwork from this lovely lady, especially when she has needle felted it, because I think she is very talented at blending colours. I will have to ask her how she does it. They could be pre-blended, hand blended, hand dyed....the possibilities are endless.

Here, take a closer look...

I had such a horrible headache this morning, plus it was raining so when I had to nip out for some sugar this afternoon these flowers were a definite need. They are just so happy and vibrant!! (And the final POW! for today. Enjoy.)


  1. Hi Beth, I do blend the colours myself from pre dyed wool tops. I am working on a landscape at the moment, I'll let you know when I've finished it.

  2. It is a beautiful felt post card Beth and Wendy. Beth yours arrived this morning and it is stunning. I love everything about it. Thank you so much. x