Saturday, 19 April 2014

A Good Good Friday

Morning!!! Happy Easter Saturday everyone. What do you think of my Easter bouquet?? The flower man in the market was having an incredible £1 per bunch sale!! And as my parents are visiting me this weekend (they should be arriving any minute as a matter of fact!) I thought I would splash out and spent £5 on this lovely bunch. Totally worth it though, and I even found some pretty wired ribbon to complete the look!

(Apparently the above flowers, whose actual name I have forgotten, are also called Fairy Kisses- how lovely!)

It was a jolly good shopping trip actually. Not only did I buy an amazing bunch of flowers, but I topped up on my T-Shirt collection and found that the latest Mollie Makes and Stitch magazine both came with little presents!

I also bought myself a new hat as it has been so sunny recently (of course now I have a hat it is clouds galore!). It was very plain and boring...

So I decided to prettify them with some crochet flowers. I did this with my last summer hat, but this time it was going to be bigger and better than before!!

The above flowers got discarded in the end, not thrown away just put aside until I think of another project they will suit (they just didn't look right with the hat).

There was a lot of inspiration from the Attic24 flower collection actually. The discarded flowers were from her Crochet Flowers and Leaves tutorial (although I didn't make them double layered), the above red flowers are her Japanese Quince Flowers, and the little white flowers are her Teeny Tiny Flowers. The leaves are an assorted medley of random shapes that just sort of flowed from my hook, apart from the quince flower leaves which are again from the Japanese Quince Flower tutorial.

All the crochet and  playing with placement and stitching down was finally done incredibly late last night and I was so excited I immediately had to take a very bad photo of the finished article (I do apologise for all of the photos of me.).

This morning it was a bit brighter so I tried again. Ta-daah!

Oh I forgot to say, I also made two of Attic 24's May Roses, doubling up the wool to make them bigger.

Now I just have to wait until there is some sunshine to wear my lovely new hat!!

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