Saturday, 12 April 2014

Simple Saturday Strolling

Good Afternoon Peeps! I have just got in from a relaxing Saturday stroll around Abbey Park. I am rather obsessed with this park (you may have noticed), ever since I saw lots of baby birds in May 2012, I have gone back every Easter time to see if I can spot any more- sadly they have eluded me since then, but this year I am determined!

I left the house almost as soon as I woke up this morning, wanting an early start and an outdoorsy breakfast (chocolate twist with a mocca- mmm). I perched myself on a bench in the Victorian gardens, sniffing the intoxicating smell of the wallflowers and listening to the birds chirping. I was interrupted by a strange scuffling coming from a nearby bin, and as I watched a certain cheeky chappy appeared!

He very much enjoyed nibbling that chip.

It was a cloudy start to the day, with the sun trying to peep through the clouds but not quite succeeding. The weather didn't matter though, as I am always more at ease surrounded by trees rather than buildings (such a country bumpkin!).

There were blossom trees and just about to flower trees and budding trees and leafy trees...

And lots of birds a-nestin'!! Exciting stuff! I will definitely be going back to try and glimpse fluffy baby birdlets. (You can see the feathery nest Mother Goose is sat on above, nice and cosy for the little ones.)

It's a pity that there was a large oily patch in the water, but it does have some lovely colours.

Naturally I had to visit pets corner. Lots of feathery and furry creatures to see!

The peacock was fabulous!! Although he looked a little out of place surrounded by chickens. I was hoping that he would show off his impressive tail for me to photograph but he didn't appear interested in modelling for me.

There was an impressive display from this bird though who was trying to attract his lady friend with his bright colours and cool dance moves (she didn't appear that impressed).

I'm pretty sure this pair haven't moved since my last visit in February, I took almost exactly the same photo!

Having walked around the park, I meandered around town for a bit before my attention was caught by these fabulous carnations in the market!!

 And having had such an amazing floral display this morning, I was inspired to create a flower garden crazy patchwork for the MixedMediaGroup_UK ladies. This piece will end up as a fabric postcard and lots of little inchies I think.

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