Saturday, 22 November 2014

Changing Colours

Evenin' All! (Does anyone else visualise an old fashioned policeman saying that? Just me?) I have been very tired this week- lots of early nights and yawny starts. Wednesday was a lovely day off though as I went on a trip to Brighton with a good friend. It was a proper day out on the bus and as it was actually sunny outside (occasionally) I left the house early, kicking and collecting leaves all the way to the bus stop.

I love how this line of trees almost has a rainbow effect going on with the leaves. Starting at bright green, slowly changing to acid yellows and then burning at the ends with reds and browns.

It was a day to be very aware of colour actually. For some reason (probably because it wasn't raining or dark), the colours seemed brighter. Like this gorgeous Hydrangea! My Hydrangea plant has finished now, and is settling down for a Winter snooze.

I played around with the settings on my camera whilst I waited for the bus to turn up. The above photo has the colour setting on chrome and the below is standard. I like both, what do you think?

Possibly the people driving and walking past thought I was slightly mad when I started poking my collected leaves into the fence behind me. I had a vision you see, of the bright colours against the grey weathered wood.

Can you see the little photo bomber in the above photo? You have to look very closely! I will reveal him/her at the end of this post for those who don't spot.

I have started work on a new Christmas project. Some gorgeous snowflake linen fabric came into work the other week and after looking at it for several days I decided I needed a reason to buy some. Heading for the good old Google search, I eventually decided on a Christmas table runner!! I am going to attempt to follow the lovely Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Company who shows how to make a zig zag table runner in an afternoon on her Youtube tutorial. It looks easy and really lovely so I thought I would have a crack at it!! I will let you know how it goes.

Did you find the photo bomber in the photo? Take a look to the left of the left-hand-side leaf. Snuggled into the overlap of the wood is an 8 legged (presumably, I didn't get close enough to count the legs) spider!

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