Saturday, 15 November 2014

Christmas ATCs

Hello!!! So nice to be chatting with you all again. I am super excited to be able to show you my finished Christmas ATC cards.

They have been an absolute joy to make, with crazy patchwork backgrounds and my own little felt designs on top. I think the little robin is one of my favourites, he is such a character! (And I may have to keep him all for myself.)

What do you think of my snowman? I tried to add a different texture to the felt with circles of running stitch on the bottom circle, and am very pleased with how it turned out.

The Christmas pudding and tree design I ended up making two of. They were really quick and easy to do but looked so quaint. Right down to the bullion knot raisins in the pudding mix.

Some I have stitched onto cards ready to be sent out to the lovely MixedMediaGroup_UK ladies. I think I am sending four out in total so have mounted four ready. I have kept it simple and plain as there is a lot of detail, pattern and colour in the little cards.

Hopefully they will look lovely on someone's mantlepiece or hung on a brightly coloured string around the room.

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