Monday, 28 March 2016

Mini Granny Square Ta-Daah!!!

I have finished my Mini Granny Square Blanket!! Huzzah! It is so colourful and pretty, and used up the vast majority of my leftover Stylecraft Special DK wool which is also very handy.

I hadn't any proper plans for this blanket, I just wanted to use up the leftover balls of wool from the Log Cabin blanket and started making them into three round granny squares. Along the way I discovered more balls of Stylecraft in my yarn basket and added those to the mix as well, ending up with nearly 300 squares!

A yellow square started me off in the centre and then I worked in circles around it, matching the colour of the previous square to the next one so that I ended up with a loose rainbow gradient effect.

The size of the blanket was dictated by the amount of little squares I had, and I ended up with 15 rows of 15 squares (225 in all) which is a lovely lap size at about 1.5 metres square.

The only yarn bought specially for this blanket was 6 balls of Silver Stylecraft Special DK- most of which has been used.

I took the photos of the blanket before I had finished the edging as I didn't want a big or showy edging, just something to protect the edges of the squares. This I added on after the 'photoshoot', and it consists of one round of double crochet in silver, one round of dc in a red and one round of treble crochet in the silver again.

So there we have it!! A beautiful, colourful blanket using up all of my odds and ends! I really love how this compliments my growing collection- I will have to get all of my blankets together and do a big photoshoot with them all.

Of course, because I had so many squares, there were a few left over that I couldn't add to the above blanket- 64 to be precise. I couldn't leave them lying around being individual squares, so using up the oddment of silver, I have started crocheting them together.

Handily, 64 squares divides nicely into 16 lots of 4, which translates into 4 rows of 4 squares in a block, which is what is happening. I have been joining 4 squares together using the join-as-you-go method, then working a round of treble crochet around them, and finally ending on a round of treble one, miss one, treble one which will enable me to do a very close join-as-you-go stitch. (That sounded a bit complicated, see the below images to make things clearer.)

I am enjoying this edging. It moves from the traditional granny square look, to a nice neat, thick looking border, which then in turn changes to being more open. I am intrigued to see what it will look like when all of the squares are joined. This will be the perfect size for a baby blanket!!

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  1. Hi Beth, your blanket turned out so beautifully. I love the bright colors with the white. It's just gorgeous. Well done!