Saturday, 2 April 2016

WPLUP- Partys End

Hello hello!! Welcome to the last Winter Project Link Up Party post of 2015-2016!!! It is a good day to end on as Winter clearly has now been and gone; I have spent the morning sitting in the warm sunshine in the garden finishing up a project to prove it. I have hung washing on the line for the first time this year, eaten breakfast on the patio, and sat and listened to the birds sing.

Ziggy is beside himself with joy at the arrival of proper, lasting sunshine. He dozes all around the garden, remembering his favourite spots from last summer and breaking them in ready for the coming one. His moods very much reflect the weather- very depressed and grumpy when it's raining or dull, moping around the house and getting under everyone's feet, or a smiling white spot in the garden when it's sunny, only returning when its dinner time and bouncing around playfully.

It was so lovely to be sat outside with the three c's again (cat, coffee, crochet), I have missed it very much. Winter crochet is great as it creates a really snuggly, warm, safe environment, just what you need when it's howling and bitter outside- but it is equally enjoyable to take your project into the clear air and just enjoy the outdoors; both very different experiences.

This little project is just a very quick finish up of my Mini Granny Square Blanket squares (if you missed the ta-daah of this blanket, please find it here). After making all of those little granny squares out of the leftovers of the Log Cabin Blanket, not all of the squares fitted onto one blanket as there was an odd number. So the Baby Granny Square Blanket was born, to use up the leftovers of the leftovers. I finished it this morning in the sun, it only took about a week to finish off and I am quite chuffed with it.

The finished size is about a metre square, and I have played with a lacy effect edging to give it a delicate edge, and then added a round of little tiny picot stitches to give it some texture. I didn't follow a pattern for this, it was just an idea that popped into my head. The picots were made by slip stitching into the space I wanted it, then two chains and a slip stitch back into the same stitch before moving on. I really like the twisted bobble shape it has made and think it finishes the blanket nicely.

It's quite cute seeing the 'mummy' and 'baby' blankets together!!

I would just like to take a quick minute to say thank you to Jen at Thistle Bear for being such a brilliant hostess of the WPLUP- it's only now I look back from when it first started that I realise how much I have actually achieved this winter. Five blankets!!! I was a woman on a mission! Thank you also to everyone who has popped over from the party post to say hi and leave a comment. I'm not brilliant at leaving comments on other blogs but I do try and read all of the blog posts that have been linked. I hope very much that we can have another monthly party next Winter!

If you would like to see all of the other WPLUP posts, I have linked them up for you below. And please don't forget to hop on over to Thistle Bear to see what everyone else has achieved over the last few months. xx


  1. Now that is an impressive amount of Winter projects. I love the gorgeous little baby blanket, a beautiful edge and to think it was made from leftovers, very impressive.

  2. You have achieved much more than I have, I am in love with your blankets, well done on each one.

  3. What wonderful work you have done! You inspire me!

  4. Hi Beth, thank you for linking up with my party. I appreciate that you put the different months' links in your post. That was really supportive of you. Your blanket is gorgeous. I really love it. I'm about to start a new blanket with granny squares, probably circles-in-squares, with gray borders. I really love the look and I often use gray in my crochet. I love how your cat is clearly blissed out being in the sun, how cute. I hope you're having a good week.