Monday, 13 June 2016

Shape & Colour

Since buying my Patchwork & Quilting magazine with the free EPP pack, it has all been about playing with shapes and colours to create interesting patterns and blocks. I'm already on my third shape!

The three shapes that have been provided all work really well together and I have been sorting and organising them in different ways, almost like a kaleidoscope, until I find an overall shape I am happy with. The smaller shapes fit inside the larger ones so little details can be added, more colours and patterns and fabrics contrasting with larger blocks of colour. So much fun!

Raiding my fabric stash has been good fun too as it is a real scrap buster.

The current process I work to is to arrange all of my pieces out in paper, then think about the colour placement and cut out all of my fabric shapes. These then get stitched to the paper and finally stitched to each other. So far I seem to just be building up a collection of these shapes- it's just too much fun to stop!! Especially when the stitching is accompanied by the occasional nibble on this year's first home grown strawberries! Delish.

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