Saturday, 18 February 2017

Weekend Report

Happy Weekend Folks! Lots to update you on this week- it all kind of got saved up into one big blog post. I'm thrilled to be able to show you the completed Cabaret shawl on display at work! I was allowed an extra ball of wool to be able to finish the bottom and I'm rather chuffed with how well it turned out- following a pattern isn't always easy but this one settled into an easy rhythm. I quite like how they end it on one of the 10 chain loop rounds to create a fringing for the end, very clever!
For every item of display I make, I get paid in vouchers to spend in store on whatever I like, so naturally....

.... the fat quarter section beckons!! I didn't spend all of my vouchers so I can go back again for some more of the best kind of retail therapy. I feel that this is a well rounded collection of prints and textures; large spots, leafy prints, tonal florals, lines, sparkles, bird prints, chevrons.... so pretty!

Of course they will have to wait for the next stitchscape to be started before I can cut into them, but for now I am playing with stacking them into pretty rainbows along with the rest of my vast collection of fabrics. (I really don't need any more, it's such an addiction.)

Just in case I run out of vouchers, I have agreed to attempt another display project- attempt being the operative word in that sentence because this pattern is hard! The yarn is lovely- Wendy Fleur DK- and has a beautifully soft texture with an aura of fuzz around the body of the yarn. This has proved to be a bit of a pain when you want to undo a section as it almost locks and felts itself where you join and you have to spend ages snipping the yarn out of itself, but the overall feel is light, soft and wispy. It has an interesting composition, 44% Cotton, 28% Tencel and 28% Acrylic, and recommends a 4mm hook for crochet, however this pattern calls for a 6mm hook to help create the open lacey appearance.

The pattern (Wendy 5994) is for a lightweight, lacy shawl and has a join-as-you-go method that I am really struggling to figure out as one minute I appear to have too many stitches and the next not enough! I keep having to put it down to do something else whilst my subconscious figures out what my hands are meant to do and then going back to it for a second or third attempt-- there is a long way to go on this one!

This weekend I thought would be a great time to really crack on with the complicated shawl pattern, so I've had a good breakfast of ham and cheese scrambled eggs with brown toast (totally delicious) and intend to sit down after finishing this post and have another go at translating the pattern. Wish me luck!

For the times where I am totally frustrated with crochet, I have my ever-joyful stitchscape to come back to. I am loving this one! The texture with the tapestry yarn french knots is fantastic and I often find myself just bouncing my fingers off it. I didn't want to completely cover the bottom with the knots so have worked little tiny seed stitches in the gaps, along with some french knots in DMC embroidery thread to add a bit of gloss to the otherwise matt yarn. If I can find the right colour and size I might put some really tiny purple beads in there as well.

There are four different colours of tapestry yarn which has given a beautiful gradient and mix of colour, as well as three different colours of DMC thread. I did get a blister on my thumb whilst pushing the larger needle through the fabric layers but I think it was totally worth it!

This morning I had a quick photography session with Ziggy. He is very good at posing (eventually) and doesn't mind being photographed, unlike my beloved Kit who hated it. He is also very photogenic, especially in black and white as he stands out from most backgrounds. We had good fun making him look majestic and thoughtful- he should model professionally!

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