Saturday, 18 March 2017


We had a brilliant, if messy, time at Guides on Thursday. The girls were designing and painting flower pots to give as gifts to their Mother's on Mother's Day next weekend. The idea was to decorate the pot, and then the girls could fill it with whatever they liked to make up the present; smellies, chocolate, or perhaps an actual plant!

It always amazes me how engrossed children can get in their tasks. Often they will get bored quickly and we have to provide back up activities for them to do, but for this project they were totally involved for the entire hour and a half long meeting! The ideas were also completely their own as we didn't provide an example like we sometimes do. The girls were quite literally handed the pots and plates of paint and told to make it pretty. So they did!

We threw in a little bit about colour theory and the colour wheel too, just for good measure, and I had quite a few discussions on how to make the best green, or light peach, or the different ways of creating browns.

These are a few of my favourite pots from the evening. There were quite a few with faces, lots of characters as well as bold patterns. To compliment the paint, we had also provided some paper flowers and lots of different colours of raffia to tie around the pots but the girls could choose whether or not to use them. In case you aren't sure, the little blue chap above is a very sweet penguin!

I'm hoping that come next Sunday there will be lots of proud Mums receiving their beautiful pots! I don't think the pot on the above left is a specific being, but it is certainly cute- and the pot on the right is the family dog who features in quite a few of our drawn projects! Love that cheeky little tongue poking out.
Some of the girls didn't want to put real flowers in their pots, but made their own flowers using tissue paper dragged unceremoniously from the craft cupboard, lots of sellotape, paper flowers and raffia. They look brilliant!
Now I just have to think of my own present to give The Mother!!

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