Sunday, 29 October 2017

Mini Christmas Hoops

The Christmas season is definitely beginning. Halloween isn't even over yet and we have already been Christmas shopping, there are decorations in all of the shops and present lists stuck on many fridges up and down the country. It seems to get earlier every year! I have a stall at a couple of Christmas craft fairs (which are speeding towards me- the first one is next weekend) so I am belatedly putting together some special Crimbo items, and have come up with the idea of these cute little hoops.

They are the littlest hoops I have done- only 10cm (4inches) in diameter, and are sort of designed to hang on your tree should you so desire it. A twist of ribbon at the top and Bob's your uncle! I wonder whether that saying comes from? Rather than being framed, these are meant to stay in the hoops which gives a different effect I think. Perhaps I should try framing some larger 'scapes in their own hoops as well.

These are meant to be pretty rather than a proper stitchscape, and I have been playing with different ways of treating the fabric layers, and different combinations of fabrics. All of my metallic threads have come out to play and they really do look very sparkly and festive!

Can you see the sparkles?
These take me about four hours to complete, and will be finished with a circle of felt on the back to tidy up the scraggly ends and hide the rough edges of the fabric that has been drawn up at the back.

Hopefully I will be able to get a few more done before the Barnsgate Manor show at the weekend. Don't forget to write it in your diary! More details are on my website.

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