Monday, 2 October 2017

Studio Sunday

Phew! What a busy weekend! I couldn't get to the studio on Saturday as I was investigating a potential future enterprise which is all very exciting. I'll let you know more about that if it all goes to plan.
I did manage to get into my little haven on Sunday though, put on some groovy tunes and got down to some serious framing! Seventeen stitchscapes, both mini and middle sized, were framed in total. Considering that each mount is hand cut, and the mini stitchscapes have to have a float mount made, that is a lot of scalpel wielding! I'm so chuffed with how they look though, and am now totally up to date with all of my mounting (a great achievement).

The newest addition to the 'scape family is Frost Fields, which was stretched, mounted and framed all in one go! I really love this piece, it is very sparkly, although the sparkles were dampened slightly as it rained pretty much all day on Sunday and the photos I took were a little dull.

There are three stitchscape mini 'stories', or sets of nine little cards, available. I have the Winter Sunset story, the Summer Fields story and the Sunset/Sunrise story. I love how each one is different; the background fabrics are laid down in different orders, and the flowers are different colours and in different placements. Some have worked better than others I think, but it all adds to the experience.

And, nearly all of the remaining stitchscape minis are available over in my Etsy shop (a couple need the photos editing before I can add them). They are all house trained, come complete with their vaccinations, and promise to look beautiful on your wall or bookcase! Which one would you chose?

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