Sunday, 7 January 2018


These are fast turning into my favourite things! They are relatively quick to embroider but you can make them as complicated or as layered as you like. The size means there is no pressure, and framing them in their own hoops is quick and simple. I am just waiting for a delivery of cream coloured felt to do the backing circle and then some of these lovelies will be appearing in my Etsy shop so keep an eye out! There is also a sale currently taking place over in the Dotty Textiles Etsy shop with 15% off all items until Valentines Day (14th February 2018), just enter the code DTLOV3 at the checkout. Go wild!

Anyway, back to this most recently completed little hoop. I love the turquoise colours in this one- it was a very quick hoop as it's all about the flowers and the gold print at the front there. Every printed flower has been gone over with detached chain stitch flowers, and each leaf has a little single stripe added to it. I really like going over the edges of these types of fabric with the flowers, and not just stopping them at the edge as with other patterns. The flowers continue into other layers and blur the lines somewhat.

The top three layers are a more dusky, grey turquoise that all work really well together. The stitch treatment is similar in all three of them with back stitch following the lines, but using different weights of thread makes the texture chunkier or more delicate so it doesn't appear too samey.

It's like a magical flower field that comes alive at dusk!

So that's the first five #inthehoop stitchscapes done! They are so cute together, and I love how different they are- even the two autumnal ones are different although the theme and composition is similar. I'm getting to use little snippets of all of my new fabrics and try out tiny ideas on them which I am thoroughly enjoying.
I am planning to make a kit of these cuties (with a new design) and am in the 'gathering of the materials' stage. As soon as it's ready to go I will let you know!

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