Saturday, 25 August 2012

Guide Camp

Eurgh, isn't the weather nasty today, all drizzly, windy and grey. Luckily at the beginning of the week we were still in our heat wave so, apart from some tiny random rain showers, camping outside wasn't half bad!

Our camp had a Caribbean theme (thought up months ago when the weather was diabolical) which fitted in nicely with the sun. (Do you like the flag I drew above?) We made lots of decorations to brighten up the tents and huts- some of the decorations the girls came up with were truly splendid!!

 A balloon cat!


A palm tree! With coconuts!

Each tent had to come up with a name and a flag...

Caribbean starfish...

The girls also had a go at the friendship bracelets I made the other week- although I don't have any photos of the finished ones-, simple beaded bracelets, earrings...and lots of other things. I think they all enjoyed it which is the main thing. I enjoyed it too!!

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