Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Things Around The House

Afternoon!!! I haven't done one of these posts for a while, showing you small creative and beautiful snippets of home life- thought it high time I did one for you!
The flowers are a late birthday present for my mum, aren't they gorgeous? So many bright colours!!

Speaking of late birthday presents, I met up with a group of friends at the weekend and was besieged with presents! A rather lovely surprise, especially as the presents were all so thoughtful and very me!

A bag of bundled wool in all sorts of colours!!

A gorgeous spotty mug, which matches my new bunting! Sweetly smelling candles and a pretty heart keyring. Definitely worth the wait!!

Do you remember I showed you The Mother's apple and pear collection? She started making these in December last year...and is still going!! The pile has reduced and expanded several times over this year as collections are given away as presents and then stocks are built back up for the next giveaway. Currently, she is on a huge production ready for Christmas presents and the like- the bowl is spilling over with colourful fruits!

There are even two new colour ranges!

I have also been working very hard on my new crocheted blanket. I now have four different kinds of squares, although still have to work out how to put them all together as they are different sizes, some being slightly rectangular more than square.

And just quickly before I go, I have had the first set of summer inchies!!! Whey!! From the hugely organised Alison (I haven't made mine yet...)...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did mine!!!

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