Thursday, 9 August 2012

Catching Up

Oooo, so much has been happening lately I feel as if I am running to keep you all up to date! Hmmm, where to begin? Ah yes, I found a lovely new addition to my blue/green glass bottle collection (see above). It is the large bobbled one at the back-- from Asda-- £1!!! I should have bought more really, it was a definite case of love at first sight. Bargain!

I have been creating my own works of art at Glazy Daisy again. This time it was a family venture as I went with a cousin and an aunt. We spent three hours in there getting covered in paint and panicking over splashes on our masterpieces, but it was totally worth it!! (Apologies about the strange colour in the photos, the camera went a little weird)

The concentration was intense...

My salad bowl with a dragonflies and waterlilies.

My cousin's boat plate.

My aunt's cereal bowl.

I can't wait to see them when they are glazed and beautiful. The colours always change and become much more vibrant- rather than the pasty pastels they are at the minute.

Speaking of vibrant colours, I have begun another blanket. I know, I know- I've only just finished one- but honestly, they are so addictive!! I am trying to make this one slightly different to the previous ones, the colour range is much more limited and fruity with deep berry tones mingling with cream and peach to lift and lighten in places. I am also using my 200 Crochet Blocks book and making a variety of different blocks to piece together- which is really keeping me on my toes. Want to take a peek?

Stripy squares (already edged)

Bobbled squares- currently my favourite and what I am working on at the minute. The bobbles themselves are sooo easy to do! They are just 4trstog!! (Hopefully crochet peeps will understand the jargon)

One of my little squares started out too tight and was pulling, so I stopped it halfway up and turned it into a little cuff-type thing. Could work as an egg cosy perhaps?

And, finally!! I have to show you these because I was so excited to get them through the post. There was an offer in the latest issue of Mollie Makes for 100 free mini cards from MOO. As you only have to pay for postage I thought it was a brilliant chance for me to make some proper business cards. Look, look, look!!

This photo shows the front and the back and I am really looking forwards to offering them out to people. Tee hee- 'Here, take my card!'

I am going on holiday on Saturday, to sunny Shropshire. I probably won't have a chance to speak to you before then so I'll see you after. Ciao for now!!

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