Saturday, 10 November 2012

Bug Fabric Samples


I feel that my blog is getting less and less crafty and filling up with photos of the outside world, so have rushed around taking photos of all the university samples I have been working on to reassure you that I am still making things!

 These two samples were originally one, but they didn't work as an overall whole so I chopped them up and stitched the right hand one back together (which is why they are funny shapes). They look much better like this I think.

My beloved cotton bud embellishments on net
 Using Flock and Vinyl (the flock is the white stripe).

 For these  samples I pleated stripes and then gathered them up slightly, putting them through the heat press to flatten the pleats. The left hand one I have also used reverse applique to show through a velvet background, with some couching to neaten the holes. The right hand one I have cut and slashed to reveal a synthetic glitter fabric behind.

 The same technique as above has been used on this sample, but I have also used heat transfer papers to change the colour.

 I really love this coated linen fabric! Here I have machine couched a random pattern and cut out the larger holes, filling them with a puffed white fabric (which I have absolutely no idea what it is!).

 Using the same base fabric, but button holing it and then stitching threads across it.

 Saving the best until last, this is my favourite sample to date. It is entirely made up of crocheted circles coated in Paverpol to make them hard.

Cool huh?

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