Saturday, 3 November 2012

A Slight Addiction

Hi All!! Meet my new furbaby Patrick. I wasn't going to get another hammy but he needed rescuing and was only £5 with a cage, I couldn't resist!! He is 5 months old and absolutely HUGE! Bless.

He's quite slow compared to the others and likes cuddles. We had a moment on the sofa earlier where he cuddled up in one of my blankets and went to sleep. I was snuggled on the sofa with my blankets, a hot water bottle and a hammy tucked on my feet so I was quite happy!!

Apparently The Mother is slightly miffed that I have another hamster- although I think two is my limit and at least I'm not a drug addict or anything and I'm definitely not as bad as Lucy who has three furballs and is constantly on the look out for more.
He is bEaUtIfUl and I'm really glad I got him. He did come with a cage like I said but it was smaller than recommended for dwarf hamsters (he's a hefty size!) and had no toys, just the basics- food bowl, house and water bottle. Now he is in the bin cage that Milo had (until he practically ate his way out of it and had to be moved into a spare barred cage that we had lying around- as one does!) and is surrounded with toys- a flying saucer borrowed from Poppy, sandbath, tunnels and tubes- so is spoilt for choice!
Of course Milo isn't getting neglected. He has been very naughty recently and was constantly chewing on the lid of his bin cage until he'd made a hole nearly big enough for him to escape though, hence the move to another cage. I do feel bad as it is a bit small for him but better that than him escaping!!

Such a cheeky monkey!!

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