Saturday, 10 November 2012

Autumn Walks

Hello Everyone!! Isn't it getting chilly out? Although it is getting on in the day, I am having a pyjama afternoon and am cuddled up in bed with a majority of my crocheted blankets drinking coffee and eating a cheeky mince pie- what more could you ask for?
Yesterday was a different matter however as I spent most of my time outside walking around. There is a fantastic pop up market in the city centre again (and I have pretty much finished my Christmas shopping!) which is huge and needs time and dedication to walk round.

The photo shows only one tiny section of it, it curves around the corner both ways!! The stalls are selling the most AMAZING things, from gorgeous scarfs, carved wooden animals, metal animals made of cogs and bolts, hats, bags, flowerpot men, jewellery and intricate leather crafted books to cheese, chorizo, olives, bread, coffee, cakes (oh the cakes!), sweets, chocolates and fudges. The smells as you wander round are intoxicating, and I will admit to giving in and buying a hog roast bap as the smell of that was haunting me and I was very very hungry! The coffee stall was one of my favourites though- you could buy hundreds of different flavours and they all smelt fantastic!
When I was finished with the market (I was very restrained and hardly spent anything) I walked through Castle Gardens and even meandered as far as Abbey Park!

There were even a few autumn flowers adding their own mix of colour to Castle Gardens.


Abbey Park was a blaze of colour!

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