Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Roborovski Dwarfs

Now these are not mine. They are Lucy's (who now has FIVE hamsters!!) and they are MINI!!! Even tinier than Crumpet and Muffin the Russian dwarfs, these are the smallest hamsters in the world!!
They are 4 month old brothers, although the stress of moving home has meant Pumpkin bullied Nutmeg and bit him quite severely on the bottom and we have had to separate them. Hopefully we can reunite them when they are more settled.
It is hilarious watching lots of them out in their exercise balls. They really like our hallway as they can get some speed up and have races together.

There is quite a large amount of furbaby houses in the hamster room now!! We have 8 hamsters in total- that is enough....surely?

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