Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Kitchen Flowers

The kitchen is filling up with gorgeously lovely and colourful plants and flowers. I just can't help myself at this time of year when suddenly there is such a lot of seasonal choice appearing in the supermarkets- hyacinths, daffodils, irises, crocuses...- and end up buying something nearly every time I go out!

One of last week's (or maybe the week before?) purchases was a little pot of very promising hyacinths. They are supposed to be purple (looking good!) And after a full day of sun yesterday, are nearly ready to reveal their colour and scent! I have had to tether them together though as the heads are getting so heavy they were starting to fall over.

Today's purchase was this little pot of Tete-a-tete mini daffodils. Hopefully after a bit of water, TLC and sunshine they too will be shooting up and flowering like crazy.

I'm not forgetting the winter wonders either, my Christmas cactus, pink cyclamen (in the top photo) and scarlet poinsettia are still powering on through, with flowers on all of them. Such marvellous plants! (The cactus belongs to The Sister.)

Although I love buying potted plants that will renew and re-flower over and over, there is nothing like a vase of cut beautifuls. I ended up buying a few bunches of my favourites at the supermarket this morning- purple irises, delicate baby's breath and pink carnations, mingling together with the last of the daffodils. So pretty!

What flowers are in your kitchen?

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