Sunday, 8 February 2015

Little Sunday Loves

♥♥ The last of the daffs on the kitchen table.

♥♥ The 'Two Turtle Doves' ATC return from Paula. This is growing into a rather lovely collection!!

♥♥ The first signs of spring in the garden. Yellow crocuses and little snowdrops.

♥♥ Looking at paint colours as we plan to redecorate the bathroom (feature wall calling!). Just looking at this Farrow and Ball paint chart makes me smile, they have such funny names for their colours.

How about a bathroom covered in 'Nancy's Blushes'?

Or creating an ambiance in 'Elephant's Breath'?

'Darling we've just redecorated with 'Dead Salmon'!!!

♥♥ Finishing off my trio of themed 'The Blues' postcards. I have been using these as a kind of embroidery practice, remembering some of my favourite stitches. French knots, long stitch, whip stitch (and whip stitch over the whip stitch), back stitch and possibly a variation on stem stitch? Maybe?

As usual, I can't wait to see the returns of this swap!

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