Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Colour Dilema

I am very close now to finishing the central part of this blanket. Whole rows are crocheted together and apart from some stitching in, the joining together of one pair and the crochet of one final pair, plus the last couple of rows we are nearly done!! Unfortunately it is the final pair of hexagons that is causing a dilemma. The Mother and I just can't agree.

See the gap in the middle at the bottom of the above photo? What colour do you think it should be? I am thinking the zestier green colour but The Mother isn't so convinced.
I am loving how this blanket is coming together. Because of the zig zag rows of joining double crochet, it causes the blanket to pucker at the points making the most amazing texture. It already feels warm, comfortable and snuggly. So excited to get this blanket finished!

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