Saturday, 25 July 2015

Colouring In

Phew! Today has been a busy day of social engagements, visiting family and friends alike. We started the day at my Grandmother's house for an early lunch, being the model family and displaying the fun that could be had in the garden whilst prospective buyers wandered around. (Eating lunch on the patio in the sunshine- brilliant advertising.)

She hasn't been doing much to the garden lately as I mentioned in my last post about her garden, but still the years of planting are paying off as the plants return year after year without much prompting.

Such gorgeous, vibrant colours everywhere you look.
Her fruit trees and bushes have all been very successful this year too and I wandered around picking some for her tea (one for me, one for the pot)- loganberries, raspberrys, blackcurrants, redcurrants....

Lots of vivid pinks, and so many textures!! Fluffy pointy flowers, smooth Busy Lizzies...

Eventually, once stuffed full of berries with red stained fingertips, we departed onto our next social call of an elderly family friend. She has one of those houses that looks pretty normal from the outside, but stepping inside is like stepping through a doorway into another era. Nothing has changed much in there for years and the house has the rooms still as originally built (a rarity nowadays with the penchant for knocking through and expanding room sizes), poky and dark. She is a bit of a hoarder as well and the amount of stuff she has squeezed into one small room is absolutely astonishing!!

Home once more I decided to set up camp in the garden. I bought two bunches of flowers this morning to make this beautiful bouquet; white Gypsophilla and greeny/yellow Alstroemerias- they go so nicely in my vase.

For my birthday I was given a colouring book and a lovely packet of colour pens. Have you joined in this new craze of 'adult colouring books'? I have to admit I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I started this octopus on Monday and it is taking me ages!! It is a brilliant de-stresser at the end of a long day, with nothing to think about other than the next colour and where one tentacle ends and another begins.

The perfect way to relax at the weekend.

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