Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lazy Thursday

It's been a very lazy day today. I pootled in to town this morning to get some vegetables for dinner (boiled ham and veg-delicious it was!), some new sunglasses and a fresh set of Stylecraft yarns as I have nearly run out of the ones I bought originally. I can get between nine and ten hexagons out of one ball of wool, although I have no idea why it changes so much considering they are all meant to be the same.

Mmm, a whole bag of new wool!! Toe curlingly exciting!!

This afternoon I set up camp in the back garden, laying out all of my pieces and playing with different arrangements. I decided to bite the bullet and made an executive design decision the other day, and have double crocheted pairs of hexagons together so that I am forced to think differently about shapes when piecing it all together.

I think I have decided on this pattern arrangement for the final design (not the colour placement, I haven't finished all of my pieces so that will still need a bit of thought). It is a vertical stripe if you look very closely, but I am alternating the direction of the shapes so it is a bit like how bricks are sometimes put together on driveways (inspiration comes from everywhere).

My little camping station was most splendiforous. An ice cold fresh fizzy orange juice to make sure all brain cells are kept hydrated, and a new vase of pink/purple Chrysanthemums, all squashed in together in a bit of a jumble but very pretty nontheless.
Why do Bees not visit cut flowers? Is there something about them, the way they smell perhaps, that means the Bees know they have been cut?

It was all about positioning today. I kept my blanket pieces out ready to add new bits too and so I could gaze upon it and decide whether or not I actually liked it (I'm pretty sure I do). My chair was in the shade but my feet stuck out into the sunshine which was rather pleasant. Kit decided the best place to be was safely under the chair.

Although at one point we were joined by Ziggy. All very harmonious and content- sort of. As harmonious as it gets with two un-related male cats who usually avoid each other like the plague. I think as long as they stayed on their own side of the legs it was fine.

I am just loving these Hydrangea blooms at the moment. I think they are on their way out and are starting to crinkle and dry. How beautiful these would look in handmade papers with their faded purples and bluey greys.

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