Saturday, 3 October 2015

Somerset Star Style

Oooh waasn't it gloomy this morning? As The Mother quoted, it is the start of the 'season of mists and mellow fruitfullness.' (Ode To Autumn, J.Keats) It was certainly misty all right, the fog didn't lift until about lunch time!! It made the pampas grass look rather lovely though.

I was on Pinterest yesterday evening and came across a particular image tutorial for a quilting technique that isn't too dissimilar to the Somerset Star technique. It isn't exactly the same I don't think but it is just as beautiful and star like. Find the image on this website here.

I started it immediately when I got home, cutting up forty, three inch squares (8 in each colour).

These then get layered up on top of the other alongside each of the lines. and stitched down.

I had just finished stitching down all of the pieces before it was time for bed, and came down to this jumble of fabric and colour this morning.

Each of the pieces gets folded and stitched down, very systematically, making a series of triangles that overlap. So between two stitched lines, and starting with the centre, I have folded and stitched the left side, then overlapped it with the right side before moving out to the next colour.

I loved seeing the star pattern slowly being revealed as I worked my way around the circle.

And finally this evening (sorry for the slightly fuzzy photos) I finished stitching down the final square, folding it neatly and making teeny tiny stitches just to hold it in place.

I love the colours in this, when it is light again I will photograph it properly, all deep rich greens and purples with that lovely Kaffe Fassett fabric on the edges. I think I will finish it off like the photograph suggests, making it circular and finishing the edges with bias binding- I may even put a little button in the middle!!

No idea what it would be used for though, it would just be pretty and decorative.

And now that I have practiced the technique I may even have another go using some Christmas fabric and creating swirls and other patterns (if I can) inside the star- so many possibilities!!

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