Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Crochet Left Overs

Look!!! Look what arrived in the post this week!!! My new blog cards!! I can't really call them business cards as I don't run a business, but I do like to occasionally chat about my blog and these are the perfect way to advertise whilst I'm chatting. I'm really chuffed with the clean look of them (and of course they perfectly match my blog and Facebook page!!).

If you do follow me on the Facebook page, you will have already seen these little crochet squares. They were made by one of my Aunt's who has since become bored with the project and handed it over to me.

I haven't really got a definite idea of what to do with these little squares (as usual), however I am thinking along the lines of big white borders between them all to give it a lighter look. Perhaps granny stitch borders?

I have had to do a little investigative work with this project as I was only given a smidge of the blue and reddish wool which was left over, but other than 'Aran', there wasn't any information given about the wool used or the hook size (which is either a 5mm or a 4.5mm...maybe). After some pootling around at work in the yarn department I finally found the wool- having held up the square next to the colours and having a bit of a fondle- which is Sirdar Supersoft Aran.

Unfortunately I can't seem to match the green with any of the greens that Sirdar do in this range, neither the Sugarsnap or the Jolly Green seemed quite right. I think that it probably was a Jolly Green wool but a completely different batch number so that colour has since slightly changed. Nevertheless, I will try to meld in this slightly brighter green with the softer, mintier version and see how I go.
The other colours are Berry Burst, Cream and Denim.

This little blanket project will be my new Winter Project (hopefully one of many), and I have stumbled across a 'Winter Project Link Party' on a fantastic blog, Thistle Bear- whom I came across via the beautiful blog, Tales From A Happy House! Did you stay with me on that little journey? I love how blogs and blog writers all link up and share one another's thoughts and ideas- it's just a great community to be a part of. Anyhow, the WPLP is hosted by Thistle Bear and she has many other bloggers sharing stories and updates on their Winter WIPs every first weekend of the month through to Spring. It's worth a look just to see what we have all been getting up to, and if you are a blog writer yourself then why not join in?


  1. I've never taken over a project which someone else has started, that's quite an undertaking. It will be fun to see how it works out and if the end result is how your aunt imagined it when she started out. Love those cute blog cards, they're handy to have to hand out when you're mentioning your blog to someone. I'm joining in with Jennifer's link party too, it should keep us all motivated with our projects over winter.

  2. Just popped over from Jennifer's link up and find your project enthralling, what an undertaking to finish off someone else's project. The colours of the yarn are stunning and great that you have managed to match it all up. Great blog cards.

  3. Hi Beth, thank you for joining in with my link party! I'm so excited to have you. Your squares are beautiful. That is going to be a really gorgeous blanket. Your blog cards are lovely too. I'm really eager to see your progress this winter. :)

  4. Came here via Jen (above) That green looks like one from Stylecraft, might it be that one. Your idea to lighten it will be a triumph. Jo x