Sunday, 25 October 2015

Emmetts Garden

The Parents, Elvis and I went to Emmetts Garden this morning. A lovely National Trust place in Kent. There isn't really a lot there, a rockery, a rose garden, some lawn areas and a big bit of woodland. There were hundreds of different types of mushroom and toadstool, including some really gigantic ones that absolutely dwarfed Elvis!! He was most impressed.
I was collecting brightly coloured leaves on my way round, citrus yellows, warm ambers, deep reds, mottled, speckled, curly, flat... Autumn really does bring out such a variety of woodland colours.
We made a friend as well, Dad nearly trod on the incredibly hairy caterpillar who was sunbathing himself amongst the fallen leaves. I have no idea what species he is, if anyone does know please leave a comment!

After our trundle through the woods we drove (and got a bit lost) for a while until we got to The Vineyard pub in Lamberhurst. Very posh stuff!! We sat outside on the patio in the sunshine, probably the last time we will be able to eat outside like that this year.

And now I am home I can play with the leaves and conkers collected on the walk, such beautiful colours!!

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