Sunday, 27 January 2013

Going AWOL

Hi Chaps! I would just like to quickly apologise for my prolonged absence from blogland. I have a big deadline/ hand in tomorrow and have been working like crazy to get everything finished- trust me to only get really inspired a few days before the deadline!! I was up until 8 this morning sewing and watching episodes of Lewis whilst on a caffeine high (wouldn't really recommend it), and after three hours of sleep some time this morning I was back on it!! This is being quickly typed in a five minute break I have given myself before I go mad. Let's hope it is all worth it!!
The photos are from Lucy's birthday when we filled the kitchen with tea lights and assorted candles- don't tell the landlady! It looked so pretty!!
I will be back properly sometime this week with details of a shopping spree I recently went on, as well as all the work I am handing in for my project. See you then!

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