Friday, 11 January 2013

My New Baby

Evening All!! It's FRRRIIIIIIIDDAAAAAYYYY!! Yippeeeeeeeeee! This week has just been going on for ever!! But... let me move on to my exciting news- my new sewing machine!!

Isn't it lovely? 'Tis a Janome SMD 500, or this one for people who need the technical details. Personally I think it was a bargain as it also came with a huge freebie pack. Look at all those threads!! I spent a few hours playing on it when it first arrived, just sorting out what was what and figuring out the symbols. Works like a dream as far as I can tell. This weekend I will have another play I think!

I have had the greatest day today!! Do you remember last year I started talking about textile designer Karen Nicol who came in to lecture us and then I bought her book? Well she made a comeback this year with another lecture and a personal tutorial!! She was so inspiring!! All of these paper manipulations were created this afternoon after our talk!!

Hopefully by Monday my board will be full of interesting paper manipulations, fabric manipulations, fringing, inspirational photos, finger knits, french knits etc etc. Looks like a busy weekend!

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