Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow Days!!

Ooo, how exciting!! It's that time of year again when the world is buried underneath the fluffy white stuff. The above photo is me with frozen hair yesterday after I'd nipped into town. I decided there and then I was going to have to make myself a hat to stop my ears from dropping off!! It was quite a pleasant evening cuddled up on the sofa underneath all my blankets crocheting myself a little hat.

(Warning, another photo of me coming up!)

I started off with a flat circle and just kept going round until it felt right, then kept the rest of the rounds the same amount of stitches to form the sides. When I started running out of the blue yarn I added in some white bands and then formed a slight curled brim by adding a few extra stitches on one of the rounds with the last little bit of blue. It looked a bit, well, I added a little triple layered flower with beading in the middle.

So then this morning I was all wrapped up warm for my jaunt into the garden for some snowman making! For Christmas I was given a mini snowman making kit by the lovely Freya.

In it, it contained some very cute bits and bobs! A carrot, felt hat, plastic scarf and wooden pipe.

So therefore, I would like you to meet....


And his alter ego...


I had to make an alter ego because I didn't want to leave various bits of Simon out in the snow, but when I took them away he looked really sad. So Sandra was born! Do you like her hat?

I hope you are all safe and sound, don't have to go anywhere for the weekend and are enjoying the snow!!

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