Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!!!


I hope you are all recovered from lasts night's celebrations? I think it will have to be an early night for me, partying the night away is exhausting!!
I can hardly believe that we have finished all of our Winter celebrations! Christmas flew by and the count down to the end of the year went by so fast we nearly missed it! The weather in the last few days has been really quite lovely, even if it has been bitterly cold.

There have been some gorgeous frosty mornings, sparkling silver gardens, crisp crunchy leaves with sugar dusted edges and bright golden sunshine to melt it all away.

The cats aren't so keen and are spending more and more time inside (not that Kit goes out much anyway) keeping their toes warm.

I loved the frozen lacy effect of the browned Hydrangea head- so pretty and delicate.

And I am very excited because I have treated myself to a new year present- a hudl2!!!! It's basically a tablet so I am now a two screen person. Even better, it has a camera on it so I will be able to post more photos on to my Facebook page and write blog posts on the go. I am thinking of doing a quick end of year review as well so will start pulling together photos and making montages of my best bits of the year. See you soon. x

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