Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I Can See The Sea!!

So far my day off is off to a cracking start- a reasonably lengthy lie in, followed by a quick bus journey to Brighton, a walk along the bitingly cold seafront, a quick wander on to the pier followed by a walk through the lanes and a toastie in Costa.

It really was very cold by the sea. The waves were quite rough and made that very pleasing roar and swoosh noise as they dragged the pebbles in and out. The seagulls were in fine voice too- I have missed coming to Brighton.

The pier has always frightened me a bit, it's the gaps between the planks that make me feel really unsafe. When I was little I HAD to walk along the filled in section reserved for wheelchairs and buggies, or cling desperately to the rails in case the planks gave way and I fell through (over-active imagination there!). I still get a similar freezing feeling when walking on glass floors or up those stairs with no backs to them though.

Safely on solid ground the sun was just breaking through the clouds and one beam of light escaped just behind the pier. The photo doesn't really do it justice (hudl camera), it was very pretty.

So that brings us up to now, sitting in Costa having eaten my toastie (sausage and onion, delicious!!), slowly savouring my new roasted blend mocha and writing up a quick blog post on my hudl using the WiFi- technology really can be amazing sometimes. Hope you are all having a lovely day! x

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