Sunday, 7 June 2015

Saturday & Sunday Pootling


Such gorgeous weather we have been treated to this weekend, Saturday was full of lounging in the sunshine (getting slightly frazzled) with the cats- both of them were out to enjoy the warmth. Even though it was slightly cloudy, there were beautiful cloud formations with silver linings.

Lots of playing with crochet, piling up my hexagons to see how many I have left in each colour, so so so many hexagons!! I haven't actually counted how many I have, although there are definitely over 100. I have tried to make about 6 each in the outer colour round, although it has depended on what wool I have left, so maybe around 150 hexagons in all?

I am now on the final round of each individual hexagon, the joining together round!! Hugely exciting. I am working quite methodically on these, working rows rather than just joining together at random (which is how it usually works).

I shall be having nightmares about these ends though!! All that stitching in to be done.


A lazy start to the morning. I was nearly the first one up, the cats beat me to it.

We had warmed up croissants for breakfast, yummy!!

So many beautiful flowers in the garden. The bees are loving the Snap Dragons- it is always fun to watch them crawl into these flowers and back out again absolutely covered in pollen.

We have Sweet Williams in my beautiful Glazy Daisy vase. They are nearing the end now and the leaves are yellowing slightly but the flowers are still as pretty as ever.

Since my photo session yesterday, the blanket has grown somewhat! I decided that it wasn't wide enough so added another two shapes to the width, making it 11 hexagons at its widest. I haven't got a plan for the length, I am just going to see how far my pieces will take me and then re-examine.

It's just all too exhausting for Ziggy.

I even managed to make a start on darning in those pesky ends!! I couldn't face doing it all at the end of the blanket, but three rows in a go wasn't quite so bad.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. What are you up to?

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