Saturday, 6 June 2015

Pen Friends

Meet Matilda, my new pen friend!! I have become a little pen obsessed of late, all stemming from an idea I saw on Pinterest the other week whilst searching for 'things to send to Pen Pals' for my Guide group. Our unit has linked up with a Guiding unit in Barming, Maidstone and we exchanged hand drawn postcards for the Guiding Thinking Day Celebrations a few months ago- which has sparked off further creativity between the two groups. The Barming Guides marbled envelopes with nail polish (very cool) and wrote lovely sweet letters, and in return, my Guides have made pen pals to send back.

The above pen is the one I made as an example to show the girls, and is called Bertie (short for Beatrice). She has a matching lime green, cardboard hat and clutch bag- very snazzy. Not all of the Guides copied me exactly, and we had the most amazingly innovative pens appear in less than an hour.

A Harry Potter themed pen, complete with a paper broomstick and a pointy lid hat!

Loving the red trousers, such a simple idea to draw a line.

Not all of the pens had faces, I love the rainbow one in the middle. Bouffant hair and cheeky grins are great though.

One Guide decided she didn't want to make a person at all, but made these brilliant decorated pens instead. Very clever use of colour in the crosshatching.

Overall, it was a very successful meeting and I hope that the Barming Guides love their presents and letters. I thought you might like to have a go at making your own Pen Pal, so have even written a tutorial on how to make a basic pen- the Super Easy Pen Pal tutorial. Either click on the link here, or look to the top right hand side of the blog for the list of tutorials.

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