Saturday, 27 June 2015

Big Hexagon Ta-Daah!

Exciting news chaps!! I have finished my big hexagon blanket!! I started it at the end of May (here) and quite literally finished it this afternoon so am quite chuffed.
It has been such a lovely day as well, the blanket seems imbued with sunshine.

It's funny how colours seem so much richer in the summertime. They are bolder, brighter, more luminous.

Ziggy is super excited about this big reveal, can you tell? Wide eyed and jumping for joy.... or not.

Sooo, are YOU ready???



It is actually quite big, 11 hexagons by 17 hexagons with 10 rounds on the edging- a combination of treble and double stitches. The bonus of this blanket is that it has been such a wool eater!! I used up loads of odd balls of wool, so much so I now feel I can start to (very carefully) replenish my wool stash.

The hexagons in this blanket are one round larger than in my previous blanket. Weirdly, when the two of them are put next to each other the hexagons seem to be the same size, but on closer inspection I think I have used a larger hook on my older blanket so the shapes have come out larger.

See what I mean?

I'm thrilled with this blanket and have been inspired to continue playing with the hexagon shapes. A new project has been brewing in my crazy tangled creative mind, and I will reveal more about it very soon.

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