Saturday, 28 November 2015

Beautiful Sunshine

This morning I woke up to beautiful sunshine!! It is something of a novel rarity for me at the moment to wake up in the light- usually it is still pitch black outside, and probably raining just to top things off. In the evenings when I come home it is still pitch black, like the light of day never actually reached my house, so it's rather lovely to be able to see the house and garden in the daytime.

There are still a few tiny splashes of colour in the garden, from the few little flowers that are grimly hanging on, determined to finish their flowering before they let the frost take them. We did have the first big frost last weekend and most of the garden wilted overnight so that in the morning the garden looked liked it had been covered in overcooked green spaghetti.

It was the Pampass Grass that caught my eye this morning, walking across the landing and looking out of the big window above the stairs (top photo). They almost glisten and shine, reflecting the sun's rays around the garden.

And inside on the table we have a beautiful candy floss bouquet of Tulips and Gypsophila (or Baby's Breath). It's very springlike!

I have finished my 12 Drummers Drumming cards for the 12 Days of Christmas ATC swap!! The last one! I can hardly believe it's been over a year since my ATC group and I started this. When I get my drumming card in the post I will show you the completed collection- so exciting!

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