Monday, 14 May 2018

Mini Swan 'Scape

More swans! I really loved the little greyscale swan piece I stitched as part of my #inthehoop series, so thought I would revisit it again, although I swapped around a few fabrics and techniques as I don't like to completely repeat a stitchscape design. The focus is again on the swans, and I have worked these in rough satin stitch once more as it was a technique that really brought the swans to life- each feather is almost individually represented in the stitches and adds movement as you can see the wind rushing past. I have worked single strand back stitch lines around the edges of the swans, tracing their outline until the lines bump into each other.

The cross hatch fabric print has again very simply been cross hatched with straight stitches, and the needles and pins print fabric has had the black lines of the print covered with straight stitch, with the white surrounding fabric completed with seed stitches.

The top layer has a single strand of straight stitch following a texture line within the weave, up until the pattern starts with some greyscale flowers that I have followed with detached chain stitch daisy flowers.
Some of these have unfortunately been lost slightly in the framing, as have the bullion knot borders, as I went a little too close to the edge of the marked square, but I don't think that this matters too much- these little frames make the embroidery look like Polaroid pictures, small snapshots of daily life captured and printed.

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