Monday, 15 April 2019

Fire Flower Stitchscape Kit

Last night I finished off this little 15cm Stitchscape. It's a re-worked design using the templates I made for the Orange Glow Sunset  kit I designed for The-Stitchery in Lewes. We've now discontinued that particular kit as the fabrics have sold through, but I really loved the design so I've swapped in new fabrics, changed the techniques, added slightly different trimmings and generally mixed things up a little bit. This one will be available from me through my Etsy shop and usual channels when ready.

I love the POW of orange colour that comes with this kit. It's so fiery and really fits the title of this new version I think, especially with a big french knot flowers at the centre! They look like burning lollipops don't they?

There are a couple of additional stitches used in this one as well. The stitch run down is; straight stitch, back stitch, running stitch, whip stitch, stem stitch, satin stitch, seed stitch, detached chain stitch, couching, french knots and bullion knots.
It's a nice piece to be able to get to grips with easy stitches - I try not to make any of my kits particularly hard as I like to show how easy it is to create fantastic effects with the simplest of stitches, just by changing up the materials you use and the colours you choose.

This kit uses a combination of threads which works really well. The majority of threads are Anchor Stranded Cottons which are six thin threads banded together. You can split these down (which I recommend) and I've used combinations of single strand, two strand and three strand to create different weights of line. The thicker threads you can see are DMC Coton Perlé which are a twisted thread that you stitch as it comes. It's slightly more matte so the difference in sheen and width make them really stand out.

I have written the kit booklet but it may be a little while before the kit is fully released as I have to arrange to get the booklets published, cut all of the threads and fabrics to size and package it all together! There aren't enough hours in the day.

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