Saturday, 6 April 2019

Rapeseed Fields

Last weekend was Mother's Day in the UK and we had taken The Mother out for afternoon tea in Brighton. The weather was glorious and once we had stuffed ourselves with scones and finger sandwiches and little cream cakes, we piled into the car and Dad drove us all the scenic route home. We were driving through fields and fields of this gorgeous rapeseed, the sun starting to turn golden and sink into the mirroring golden flower fields. At one point I made Dad stop the car so that I could get out and snap some photos. They aren't fantastic as they were taken on my phone and the colour is a little off but I just had to share the view with you and keep a record of it to use as inspiration for a Stitchscape further down the line!

This is definitely a case of absolutely loving where I live and having the opportunity to see scenes like this!! I am also totally looking forwards to changing colour to blue when the Bluebells come out in full force in a couple of weeks time!

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